Role of A Special Education Teacher

If you love working with children with special needs, you may enjoy becoming a special education teacher. It is a very rewarding career that you can help to make a difference in many lives during your career. Becoming a teacher in general is rewarding because you get the opportunity to make a change in someone’s life but a special education teacher can be a mentor to a child and can make a valuable impression on that child for life.Once you go through college and receive your degree you will then be able to find a job where you can work as a special education teacher. Look for a long term position but work as a substitute as often as you can until that position becomes available. Special education teachers usually stick to their position for many years before being transferred because it is so rewarding. Once you learn about your students and you maintain your classroom the children will have a sense of stability and everything works good together.Once you have a position as a special education teacher the first thing you want to do is send a letter home with all your students to introduce yourself to parents and guardians. Request a one-on-one meeting with each parent/guardian within the first two weeks of starting. Meeting with the parents will give you the opportunity to understand more about every child from a parent’s point of view. No other person can give you a view of that child better than the parents/guardians.While meeting with parents it is important to take notes, talk about your child’s behavior at home, and how they feel you can make a positive impact on their child. Before your meeting it is important to review each child’s notes to see how they are doing in school and what weaknesses they seem to be exhibiting. You can discuss your findings with the parents during your parent-teacher meeting. Have a meeting that covers more than one purpose. For example, showcase the students art work or science project that they may be covering.Schedule parent meetings as often as you can preferably one time each month in order to update the parents, talk situations over with them, and determine what to do next. There are many different solutions to each problem so it is important to know where to go that will satisfy everyone. If a child is displaying behavioral issues all of a sudden then you need to discuss what you have noticed and how you can decrease the amount of interruptions or behavioral problems in class.A special education teacher is a special job that not everyone can do. It takes hard work, compassion, and the ability to love and nurture your children that creates a positive environment that a child can learn in. Work with parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, and professionals that have a helping hand in that child’s life to achieve the goals that you set for the child and to help them accomplish all milestones.