Best Child Educational Toys for 2011 – Kids Learn While They Play

Little ones bring so much joy to your family’s life, and in return you want to provide them with the very best opportunities, so that they have a promising future.There are many things we do to accomplish this goal, beginning at birth and continuing on into the toddler years. We are very particular about what they eat, what they watch on television, who they play with, and what they play with.Research has shown that stimulating a child’s mind right from the start will have a huge impact on how they learn and how quickly they learn.Even the toys you choose for your toddler during these very crucial years can be tools used to help with their brain development.Therefore, it is very important that you choose toys that are not only fun, but educational also.You may ask, ‘what child educational toys for 2011 are best?’I’m glad you did.We are now living in a culture that has most families stretched in every direction. Moms and Dads are so busy keeping up with everything life demands that it is so easy, and though we hate to admit it, helpful to let the television babysit for a few minutes while we….You can fill in the blank.Don’t get down on yourself though, we are all guilty of this.Thankfully, in 2011 several toy manufacturers have produced some very useful alternatives to television that both you AND your children will be very happy with.We have all heard how important it is to keep the brain stimulated. Besides the fact that it helps younger children become better learners, there have also been cases made that keeping the brain stimulated keeps alzheimers from developing in older adults.These are great reasons to invest in toys that are educational.So, now let’s talk about some educational toys that are fun.The LeapFrog manufacturer has come out with the LeapPad Learning Tablet, which is a wonderful option for a child educational toy in 2011.It has over 100 apps for ebooks and educational games. Kids take to the LeapPad tablet very quickly because of how fun these games are.Besides the sheer fun, kids love the touch screen functionality that mimics the iPad. They spend HOURS playing. They are having so much fun, they do not even realize they are learning at the same time.The LeapPad Tablet is totally interactive and will keep your child engaged for long periods of time.Be sure to get a full review of the LeapFrog LeapPad tablet, there are so many other awesome features that you definitely want to know about.Another option is the Fisher Price iXL learning system. It opens up like a book and includes a 15 page interactive story, a game player that promotes counting and learning about numbers, a notepad that will help them practice writing, and an art studio that will promote creativity.Then there is Playskool Alphie, by Playskool. He adds a little variety to the pad-like options in that he is an interactive, teaching robot. Alphie is great to help introduce your child to letters, math skills, special reasoning, cause and effect and much much more.He sings, plays music, and features light up buttons, which the younger kids really love.These are three of the most popular child educational toys for 2011, but there are many more that you can research to see if they have the necessary features to help your child learn while he or she plays.